Surviving in the modern jungle

Some tips on how to survive and thrive in today's world

Trying to live healthy in today’s modern environment is comparable to our primitive ancestors surviving and thriving in the jungle. Obviously, our ancestors’ challenges were a lot different than our own, but how would their health fare in today’s modern world?


We don’t have to fend off wild animals and poisonous plants, but we do have to fend off crazy drivers and all the toxins that surround us on a daily basis.

You’ve heard terms like the “concrete jungle” referring to NYC or any modern city, but when you really think about it, you start to realize that we have been far removed from our primal surroundings as human beings. This is not by our own choice, but rather by the circumstances that surround us. When you see a fast food joint on every corner or when you see all the bio-engineered products in convenience stores we call “food”, you start to accept it as the norm.

When our brain signals to us that we are hungry, we immediately look for something to eat. If it wasn’t for our knowledge of what’s good or bad for us, then we would just eat all the crap that is out there without remorse! Put a caveman on Biscayne Blvd. with a credit card and he would crush every taco bell and burger joint in sight! Luckily, we have been conditioned to realize that fast food and other processed foods are not good for us, which helps us make better decisions day to day.

I don’t know about you, but I would be in serious trouble! Wouldn’t it help if someone gave you a survival plan with a survival kit to fend for yourself and perhaps succeed in the wild?

So imagine if you had a survival plan and a survival kit to thrive and live healthy in today’s modern jungle. Well that’s exactly what I am about to give you in this post. You see, our primal ancestors didn’t survive in the jungle by living on a whim from day to day like many of us do when we work and eat on autopilot. They were hunters and gatherers. They had their own strategies and preparations to capture a bear or fish swimming upstream. Our ancestors also had to gather enough food to bring back to the village to feed their families and to store for the future.

Why don’t we do this? Today we can survive by living on a whim by buying our food at restaurants and convenience stores – but at what cost? I don’t know about you, but living with high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity does not appeal to me. These weren’t issues for our primal ancestors.

Ok so where do we start?sleep_pic

  1. Sleep: to execute the perfect kill on a wild animal with precision, our primal ancestors had to be rested. It was a matter of life or death! Don’t forget the energy it took to walk all those steps each day to gather food. Energy is cultivated through high quality sleep, not Starbucks. Your sleep affects how we eat, think and live. Whether you’re making executive decisions at work or deciding what is best for a loved one, it helps to use a full deck. Sleep deprivation will negatively affect your cognitive function as well as your decision making. It will also affect blood sugar, reduce insulin sensitivity by up to 30%, and promote insulin resistance, making you feel hungry and moody. High quality sleep will help you endure daily challenges, manage stress, and make better decisions on your diet.
Various Paleo diet products on wooden table

Various Paleo diet products on wooden table, top view

  1. Prepare your meals: It’s doubtful that our ancestors head out to hunt and gather without a snack of some kind to keep them sustained between meals. Keep a mini cooler packed with all the necessary healthy survival foods you need  for the day. Being stuck out on the street hungry is a recipe for poor decision making. It is so hard to find something healthy and high quality while out and about. A few examples of what you’ll find in my cooler is a full meal (chicken leg and thigh and kale cooked in butter), coconut butter, and macadamia nuts.

Man running at autumn during sunrise

  1. Movement: daily movement was necessary for survival. It helps us feel good, control weight, and aid in digestion. We should be able to perform simple tasks such as taking stairs, walking to the store, and lifting and moving boxes. I like implementing movement throughout the day. Beyond that, if you make it to the park or gym, then that’s even better!

What are some of your survival hacks and snacks to survive in today’s MODERN JUNGLE?

-Primal Joe

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