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This is a topic that I am very passionate about and is near and dear to my heart. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a coach, or a big brother or sister, we all have the ability to have a positive influence on children. Kids today are faced with many challenges today, from loads of schoolwork, pressure to be at the top of their class or sport, and critiques on their physical appearance.

Yes, kids are extremely resilient, but the lack of attention given to their physical and mental health is devastating. A healthy lifestyle of quality sleep, daily movement, quality nutrition, and good ‘ol play time are vital components to a child’s wellbeing.

Today’s lack of emphasis on children’s health has led to many health related conditions:

1. Childhood obesity
2. Diabetes
4. Depression and social anxiety disorders
5. Sleep disorders

Overexposure to blue light from heavy amounts of work being done on computers as well as all the recreational exposure to blue light have created sleep deprivation issues in kids. Sleep deprivation is serious and can be the single cause of all the conditions listed above.

Protecting our children can be as simple as putting a limit or curfew on screen time, emphasizing the importance of sleep, and buying a pair of blue light glasses to block the exposure to blue light and allow their bodies to produce the proper melatonin needed for a good night’s sleep. This is important for repair and growth. Kids will notice big improvements in their performance at school and in sports.

Leading by example is a great way to teach kids. By having everyone on the same page with Primal Joe, you will see an improvement in your children’s health and your relationship with them.

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