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Ok you stud or studette, you are crushing it!  You are in your prime and feel and look like a super hero. Perhaps you are a professional athlete who gets PAID to work out!

Having a clear understanding of when to kill it in a workout and when to live and fight another day can pay huge dividends for your success in your sport and the results that you want. I see many athletes today falling victim to overtraining regimens as well as poor nutritional habits that are difficult to avoid.

There are so many cool and innovative training tools and methods today that it’s easy to get caught up in the overtraining cycle. The supplement industry is a massive industry and can be very misleading. The extreme marketing as well as all the false promises that are made can truly be toxic.

I truly believe a certain percentage of injuries that occur in season, whether it’s at the beginning, middle, or end of a season, are a result of overtraining in the off season.

The biggest challenges I see in athletes are realizing that it is not necessary to run through a brick wall every time they train and managing their stress levels. This can be a key factor to achieving success and adding longevity to your career.

More importantly, practicing this approach will help you in regards to reducing inflammation and improving your quality of life after your athletic career. PJ Athlete designs effective programming and monitors stress levels so that you are making gains with each and every workout, peaking at the right times without falling victim to the overtraining grim reaper.

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