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What is Primal Living?

Primal Living is a going back to basics approach to being healthy.  My Primal Joe cornerstones are Sleep, eating REAL food, daily movement , and play. Fundamental and simple activities that can have such a positive impact on our health, yet we neglect way too much.  How we evolved over millions of years to shape our human genome which has changed very little in comparison to our modern day diets and way of living. I’m not here to say live like a caveman,  but rather learning to listen to your primal instincts. Plenty of biological research indicate that our modern day diets in the abundance of refined and processed foods, grains, trans fats , and sugar are the cause of many degenerative diseases such as:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Obesity
  4. Cancer
  5. Neurogenerative diseases

I have been told I am an extremist for the way I live, which is wanting to eat REAL food on a regular basis, sleep 8 hours a night, exercise regularly, manage stress and engage with nature as much as possible which are all vital elements to our health.

My interpretation of extreme is staying up all night watching Netflix, eating a bunch of processed food, not sleeping enough and drinking lots of coffee to function the next day, because yes! “America DOES Run On Duncan!”

Adapting to certain principles as our primal ancestors did you will see your life change dramatically, wether you are overweight, overstressed, lacking energy, depressed or dealing with chronic pain and sleep deprivation. Primal Joe will teach you how to attain a goodnight’s sleep, what foods to eat and how to exercise properly in the right amounts to give you back your vitality, take you out of pain, attain a lean muscular physic, improve cognitive performance and manage your stress in today’s modern jungle. You hold the key and its time to use that key to make epic changes with minimal effort and open the door to a healthier and happier life. Try it for 7 days and watch your life transform before your eyes. Check out the rest of this site to see whats its all about

Primal Coaching

Suffer from brain fog?

Do you feel tired all the time?

Does eating healthy seem complicated?

Are you tired of counting calories to lose fat?

Exercising so much that is leaves you craving more food?

I teach simple strategies to help people achieve their goals. I have come to realize from working with a multitude of clients that there is not a “one size fits all” when it come to nutrition and exercising .

Some people do great on a predominately plant based approach where others do better on a more meat based approach. Whether it’s low carb high fat, cyclical carb intake, ketogenic, paleo, and intermittent fasting,  these are all examples of different approaches that may work for you to achieve your goals.

I have worked with individuals who exercise in excess and individuals who are too sedentary.  Peoples lives and schedules are different , not everyone has time to go to a gym and exercise after a long day of work plus an even longer commute. This is tough for anyone and therefore increasing daily movement, which was vital to our primal ancestors to survive is a simple and effective method. Daily movement such as standing more than sitting, taking the stairs or parking the car further away and walking to your destination when possible. All this extra movement will add up through out the course of the week and will do wonders for your health without stepping foot into the gym. There are 168 hrs in a week, saying you went to the gym twice is just not enough!

Perhaps some of the methods and lifestyle habits that you think are benefiting your health as I once thought, may in fact be compromising it. Take it from me, I was once the king pain and over training and suffered dearly from chronic inflammation and injuries. People who over exercise are at risk for some of the same health problems as those who don’t exercise at all.  Can you believe that?! Over training can lead to increased inflammation, sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue and injuries. Using techniques such as HRV (Heart Rate Variable) training or even using a sleep tracker can help individuals recover properly and know when to train hard or go for a long walk and live to fight another day.

If your goal is to live long and to be as healthy as you can without all the toxic medications then BECOME YOUR OWN HEALTH EXPERT with Primal Joe and combine principles of yesterday with modern luxuries of today and you will increase you chances of doing so!

Primal Joe 40 (PJ40)


Ok you forty plus enthusiast, still hammering away like you used to in your twenties and thirties?! Not getting the same results you used to even though your training the same way perhaps even harder? Well guess what, there is a reason for that and let me explain. As we age our bodies become more sensitive to stress, whether it’s in the form of physical stress, mental, emotional, or other various types of stress. The body does not distinguish between stress. Stress is stress, so if your stressing your body physically through exercise like you did in your twenties your body is not going to respond favorably. For example, you may experience certain overtraining side effects such as weight gain, chronic injury and most commonly, poor sleep quality and sleep deprivation. Don’t fear you forty something die hard! You can still hang with the young bucks, but you must do it in a different way. By training smarter not more, and putting emphasis on proper recovery and nutrition makes all the difference in the world. Its understanding this approach and practicing these techniques on a consistent basis where most fail and fall back into an overtraining cycle. PJ 40 will teach you proper programming and techniques on how to train smart and most importantly, recover adequately to obtain your ideal conditioning, body composition and that lean physic you are so disparately trying to attain.

Primal Joe Athlete


Ok you stud or studette, you are crushing it!  You are in your prime and feel and look like a super hero. Perhaps you are a professional athlete who gets PAID to workout!  Having a clear understanding on when to kill it in a workout or just to live to fight another day can pay huge dividends for your success in your sport or just getting the results you want for feeling optimal and attaining the lean physic your chasing.  I see many athletes today falling victim to overtraining regimens as well as poor nutritional habits and its hard not to. There are so many cool and innovative training tools and methods today its easy to get caught up in the over training cycle. The supplement industry is a massive industry and can be very misleading with the super marketing as well as all the false promises that are made if you use their products which can truly be toxic.  I truly believe a certain percentage of injuries that occur in season, whether its at the beginning , mid or end are a result of over training in the off season.  The biggest challenge I see in athletes is realizing and understanding that is not necessary to run through a brick wall every time you train and learning to measure and manage your stress levels. This can be key factor to having success and adding longevity to your career. More importantly, practicing this approach will help in regards to reducing inflammation and improving quality of life after your playing career is over. PJ Athlete designs effective programming and monitors stress levels so that you are making gains with each and every workout as well as peaking at the right times and not falling victim to the overtraining grim reaper.

Primal Joe Kids (PJ Kids)


A topic that I am very passionate about and near and dear to my heart. Whether your a parent, a teacher, a coach, big brother or sister we all have the ability to have a positive influence on children.  Kids today are faced with so many challenges from loads of schoolwork all being done online, the pressure to be the at the top of their class or sport respectively, as well as physical appearance. Yes, kids are extremely resilient to many things but the lack of attention being given to kids health is enormous. A healthy lifestyle of quality sleep, daily movement, good quality nutrition, and just good ‘ol play time are vital components to a child’s health both physically and mentally. Today’s lack of emphasis on children’s health has lead to many health related conditions:

1. Child obesity
2. diabetes
4. depression and social anxiety disorders
5. sleep disorders

Over exposure to blue light from heavy amounts of work being done on computers as well as all the recreational exposure to blue light have created sleep deprivation issues in kids. Sleep deprivation in kids is serious and can be a the cause of all the conditions listed above.
Protecting our children can be as simple as putting a limit/curfew on screen time, emphasizing the importance of sleep and buying a pair of blue light blocker glasses to block the exposure to blue light and allow there bodies to produce the proper melatonin needed for a good night’s sleep which is so important for repair and growth . Kids will notice big improvements in performance at school and in sports.
Leading by example is a great way to teach kids. By having everyone on the same page with Primal Joe, you will see an improvement in your children’s health as well as your relationship with your children.