Surviving in the modern jungle

Some tips on how to survive and thrive in today's world

Trying to live healthy in today’s modern environment is comparable to our primitive ancestors surviving and thriving in the jungle. Obviously, our ancestors’ challenges were a lot different than our own, but how would their health fare in today’s modern world?


We don’t have to fend off wild animals and poisonous plants, but we do have to fend off crazy drivers and all the toxins that surround us on a daily basis.

The benefits of sleep

Why sleeping is more important than you think

Sleep deprived? Sleep is THE most important component of your health and can affect you extremely positively when you’re getting it and very negatively if you’re not. Check out my 5 SLEEP CONDITIONING TIPS for a better night’s sleep:
1. Make sleep a priority
2. Avoid creating a “second daytime” by dimming the lights at home as the sun goes down.
3. Put a curfew on screen time (computer, TV, phone) 1 hour before bedtime.
4. Make your bedroom a DARK and cool place.
5. Make a list of things to do and a list of things to worry about.